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Someone asked me a question that I thought was rather obvious. They wanted to know, do porn star escort? Seriously? Of course they do, and companies like The Luxury Companion arrange it all for them.

porn star escort - the luxury companion

So how does it work? Well from what I understand, the more famous the porn star, the more it can cost but I am told it cost a minimum of $1,500 an hour.

I can’t say for sure, but the rumor is that some of the top tier girls, those who have been in porn for awhile and have a lot of movie credits to their name can get as much as $4,000 an hour.

While The Luxury Companion website lists hundreds of girls who you can book, I’m told there is even a private section for VIPs that list off some of the really well known stars and supposedly even some Playboy Playmates, and famous mainstream models.

Who are they? I don’t know. I’m not a VIP. But good luck on finding out.


Blonde bombshell Briana Banks was a legendary Vivid girl for one very good reason and that was she would do dirty unlike no other.  While most Vivid girls were known for their high class porn and that’s great for some, Briana Banks went completely the other way and instead would be Vivid’s naughty girl who rumor has it, has no gag reflex which explains how she could be as amazing as she was at deep throating.

Briana Banks in Aftermath

So what ever happened to Briana Banks?  Well after her contract with Vivid expired she did not renew in and instead took some time off and then in 2010 she decided to make a return to porn as an independent star which means that she was open to work with all kinds of companies.   She joined twitter as @BrianaBanksxoxo and even tweets herself.

In August of 2012 she filmed one of her most recent scenes for Brazers with their contract male talent Keiran Lee.  She still lives in California, somewhere near what they call “porn valley” and every once in awhile will do a live webcam show with one of her porn star friends like Raylene.

Briana Banks in Aftermath

In 2016 Briana Banks returned to performing and is now one of the most popular MILFs in the industry.

Years ago there was a beaitful blonde porn star by the name of J.R. Carrington.  She was a leggy blonde who first started making adult movies in 1994.

She’s also gone by the names J.R. Cartwright, Daisy, J.R., JR Carrington, and J. Carrington.  So where has she been lately?  Turns out she is living in Las Vegas working at a brothel known as “Sheri’s Ranch“.  They call it a “resort and spa” but well, a brothel by any other name is still the same, no?

So while she is no longer making movies she is working in the jizz biz of other sorts.  If you want to check her out you can get the information about bookings at the Sheri’s Ranch website.

Where is the G-Spot?

For years we’ve been hearing about this magical place on a woman’s body they call THE G-SPOT.

Is it real?  Does it actually exist?

The G-spot is a controversial term as some researchers and experts dispute that it even exists.

However I am a female and I can tell you it absolutely does exist.

They say it is an area located behind the front wall of the vagina, between the back of the pubic bone and the cervix. When stimulated, it can produce intensely pleasurable feelings for the woman, and may cause her to have an orgasm.

I don’t know that I believe it is in the same place in every girl.  In fact, I’ve discussed it with a few other females and most females say that for them it is in a different location.  I think that every females body is different and that can explain the slight variation of the location of the g-spot.

Anyway so if you wanted to know if the g-spot is real, yes it is.  Find it, I mean REALLY find it and you’ll make that bitch come like there is no tomorrow.


In the mean time you can go rent a movie about hot naked chicks at Adult DVD.

How big is to big?

I love boobs but then again most people do.  So it go me thinking, how big is to big?  How small is to small?  I decided the best way to figure out the answer to that question is to look carefully and closely at some of the hottest breasts in porn.

Let’s start on the small side of things which would be Morgan Dayne and Taylor Rain.  Taylor Rain’s measurements are 34B-26-32.  Morgan Dayne (aka Rio Valentine) similar to Taylor Rain – her measurements are 34B-25-35.

Now let’s move up a size. Former Vivid girl Meggan Mallone has great C cup tits.  Her actual measurements are 32C-26-34

Going up one more size we come to Eva Angelina whose measurements come in at an impressive 34D-24-36.


So which size really is best?  You know I still can’t decide, even after doing a side by side comparison.  I really do just love them all!

Men love to boast about how big theirs is but who actually has the biggest penis in the world?  Well believe it or not the answer to that question isn’t porn legend John Holmes.

The official winner of the honor of holding the title of the largest penis belongs to a man measured and documented by Dr. Robert Dickinson in the earlier part of the 20th century. This record-holding penis was measured at 13.5 inches in length and 6.25 inches in circumference.   Do keep in mind that the average sized penis is around 5 to 6 inches in length so this guy was more than double that.

But the living owner of the world’s biggest human penis is Jonah Falcon. Falcon’s 13-5 inch member has been measured for a TV special, making him one of the few guys who can back up his bodily boasts.

Speaking of John Holmes, so how big was his penis really?  That question isn’t quite so easy to answer.

Veteran porn actress Dorothea “Seka” Patton has stated that Holmes’ penis was the biggest in the industry. Holmes’ first wife recalled him claiming to be 10 inches when he first measured himself. John Holmes himself once claimed his penis to be fifteen inches long.

John Holmes’ longtime manager, Bill Amerson, said that “I saw John measure himself several times, it was 13 and a half inches”.

A review of Holmes’ films over the course of his career shows that most of his early co-stars tended to be short and slender, whereas women with whom he engaged in onscreen sex later in his career were much taller and had proportionately larger bodies; as a result, the size of Holmes’ penis appears to fluctuate in his films, relative to the height and mass of his co-stars.

So the answer is, nobody really knows but to this day he is a legend in his own right, even if we don’t know exactly how big of a legend he is.  If you are interested you can check out some of his movies that are still available to this day at Adult DVD.

I was looking through a collection of photos the other day and I noticed the one girl.  She was blonde and pretty and had huge tits.  They were great.  I had never heard of this girl before but wow what an eyefull.  Turns out Kelly Erikson was a porn star from a few years ago.  She didn’t really ever do a lot of movies, I bet less than 50 total but boy I am smitten.  She is just great.

She has that something about her.  That raw energy and passion you don’t really see from a lot of stars today.  But you know what else?  She has some big ass titties!  I mean does anything else really matter?

Tory Lane has been in the adult industry for awhile now – since 2004.   So what has she been up to lately?  Well in early 2010 Tory Lane was still being repped by LA Direct Models however according to them she was flaking out on jobs they would book for her.  She wouldn’t show up or if she did she would be late.  In early March they stopped taking bookings for her all together.

She went away for a few months but then something happened.  She came back without any real notice.  She did work in a scene for Blue Bird Films …. she was Poison Ivy in BlueBird Films porno parody version of the Batman movie called Bat Fucks.

Although she was a little heavier she wasn’t “fat” by any means, despite some reports.  Tory Lane might have put on 5 to 10 pounds, but quite honestly she was always well below weight in terms of her height so adding 5 or 10 pounds but even still considering her height to weight average she’s probably still a little smaller than the chart says she should be.

So what else has she been doing?  Well she is back at work making a few movies here and there for various companies.  She also films some updates for her website every now and then as well.  So what does she really look like now?  Here is a recent picture I found of her.  This is from a few months ago – below that is a photo of Tory Lane from years ago so you can compare.



The X-Rated Critics Organization is proud to announce the 2011 XRCO Hall of Fame. This year’s class includes six of the industry’s finest female stars, a pair of celebrated studs and one industry pioneer.

The 2011 XRCO Hall of Fame Class:

Tricia Devereaux
Jessica Drake
Lynn Lemay
Juli Ashton
Aurora Snow
Dave Cummings
Manuel Ferrara

You can check out some of their movies at Adult DVD and find out why they were famous in the first place.

The 2011 XRCO Hall of Fame inductees include Wicked Pictures contract star jessica drake, award-winning star turned influential executive Tricia Devereaux and multi award winning performer Aurora Snow.

“I am honored by this accolade,” says Aurora Snow. “I can’t think of anyone to thank more than my fans and the critics who have supported my career.”

“This is a fantastic class,” says XRCO Hall of Fame member Roger Pipe. “Fans and critics alike know every name on this very well. Tricia has transitioned beautifully from dynamic performer to industry powerhouse. jessica drake is one of the most celebrated actresses in our business and a gorgeous woman. Of course I am very proud to see Aurora Snow inducted. She is a fantastic performer and a true fan favorite.”

XRCO’s Dirty Bob adds “It was incredibly hard to narrow it down to a manageable number of inductees. I am certain that there are more than a few deserving individuals who should be there. Perhaps next year…”

Peter Van Aarle – Special Award – Peter Van Aarle, who co-founded the and was instrumental in bringing a host of porn knowledge together in the early days of the internet, received a special award for his contributions.

“To my mind, the four faces on the Mt. Rushmore of porn historians are Jim Holliday, Robert Rimmer, Patrick Riley and Peter Van Aarle,” says’s Jeff Vanzetti. “In 3 of the cases, they wrote the book and Peter made a website instead.”

The 2011 XRCO Awards, hosted by Tom Byron will take place on April 13th at the Highlands Hollywood.

I was going through a site today and found an image of a girl that made me do a double take.  Could it possibly be that Snooki of Jersey Shore did porn?  Could there really be a Snooki sex tape out there somewhere?  Could I have actually gotten my hands on some pictures of Snooki naked?

Well it turns out the answer to that question is no.  It’s actually a porn star by the name of Kim Kennedy who was performing in a Cezar Capone movie called Deliciously Round.  So while it may not have turned out to actually be Snooki of Jersey Shore doing porn, for just a moment I sure thought it might be.

Here is the side by side so you can decide for yourself.  One of them is a slut from New Jersey while the other is just a slut.  You figure out which is which.

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