Racquel Darrian was one of the hottest porn stars of the 1990’s and many years later her legion of fans still wonder what she’s doing and even though she’s no longer the hot young thing she was years ago, many still worship her just the same.  So what did ever happen to Racquel Darrian?  Racquel Darrian officially retired in 2000 and decided to try to live a quiet life and wife and mother in Las Vegas.  For many years she was seen frequenting a local gym by her fans but she wanted her privacy and tried her best to keep under the radar.

Each year the adult industry holds a show in Las Vegas and every year without fail her fans hope that she will appear but that has yet to ever happen.   Some say that for a few years after her retirement she did some performances at various strip clubs and would from time to time do a photo set for her official website.  Some sources say that Racquel Darrian’s website was, well let me put it this way, there is a long standing rumor that Racquel Darrian never really got paid much at all for her official website, even still to this day despite thousands and thousands of people that have joined the site over the years so as anyone would expect, her involvement in the venture remained limited.  I don’t want to point any fingers add fuel to any fires so I will let you draw your own consulsions about theft, fraud and who got taken advantage of there.

By most accounts she is still married to fellow porn star Derrick Lane and they are living in Las Vegas.  In fact for the last 3 years, almost nobody within the industry has heard from her.  However and this is just a rumor, some say that Racquel Darrian as recently as December of 2008 reached out to some old contacts, feeling out any interest in some possible returns, maybe even do some live with Racquel Darrian web cam stuff.  However at this time no other information on this rumor is avaiable.

Racquel DarrianPhoto source: RacquelDarrian.com